HappyTap Co.

Healthy Families start with a turn of the bright green tap

Why handwashing?

Washing your hands consistently is the do-it-yourself vaccine to prevent diarrhea, respiratory infections, and other hygiene-related diseases that kill millions of people every year. But people are still not doing it.

Millions of families know the importance of washing their hands. But they lack a convenient place to do so. We made it attractive and easy. No more old buckets on a string. HappyTap inspires people to wash their hands. Learn more about HappyTap [hyperlink to Innovations page] Branded “LaBobo” in Vietnam and Cambodia

Our Approach

HappyTap Co. is a social enterprise based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We partner with local manufacturers and retailers across Southern Vietnam to build a dynamic commercial market for the “LaBobo” portable sink. We want small businesses to earn a competitive return consumers to have a product they love and inspire change to eliminate needless deaths

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