Our Team

Locally led. Locally owned.
This team is changing the landscape of water, sanitation, and hygiene development.
Sovattha Neou
Executive Director
Geoff Revell
Program Director
Lin Lu
Director of Partnerships
Lyn Mclennan
Manager, Systems Strengthening
Nareth Chhoun
Coordinator & Researcher, Collective Action
Lorine Yun
Project Assistant, Collective Action
Janita Bartell
Research and Learning Manager
Majel Kong
Social Researcher
Julia White
Marketing & Communications Manager
Rathsatya Sar
Communications Assistant
Soken Kov
Senior Finance Manager
Kimsrang Ean
Senior Finance Coordinator
Sreymom San
Finance Assistant
Sreyvuoch Thoeun
Web Developer and IT Support
Sreymao Hun
HR & Administration Manager
Kholel Yousos
HR & Administration Officer
Sothary Chhorm
Office Assistant
Kimhuy Kong
Office Assistant
Longkeat Khe
Business Intelligence​​ Officer
Chanthorn Heng
Business Intelligence Assistant
Chidararith You
Business Intelligence Assistant
Sarah Van Boekhout
Women's Empowerment Program Manager
Sreyleak Chhin
Program Coordinator, Women’s Empowerment Program
Sam Oeun Kruoch
Project Officer, Women’s Empowerment Program
Sophy Ny
Project Manager, Civic Champions Program
Phally Ren
Project Coordinator, Civic Champions Program
Pisey Kroch
Project Officer, Civic Champions Program
Mai Sieng
Program Manager, Provincial Sustainability Support Program
Soklida Sien
Mobile App Training Officer, Provincial Sustainability Support Program
Vorleak Sea
Program Officer, Provincial Sustainability Support Program
Vuchnea So
Provincial Coordinator
Sopheakny Srin
Provincial Coordinator
Soban Yan
Provincial Coordinator
Rey Chhoum
Provincial Coordinator
Vandeth Pok
Provincial Coordinator