Toilet Shelter

No more construction projects. A high-quality toilet shelter that ships and snaps together.

A barrier to toilet adoption

Most people don’t want a makeshift toilet shelter built with cheap materials. They often delay investing in a toilet until they can build an expensive brick structure. But without knowing how to organize the necessary materials and labor, a long construction process, and a price tag that’s often out-of-reach, the wait can be months or even years. We don’t want them to wait. So we are giving consumers a better option.

Winner of the Reed
Elsevier Environment
Challenge Award

Finalist in the American Society
of Mechanical Engineers
iShow Competition

The first quick-install shelter in Cambodia

We listened to what people really wanted in a shelter. We made an off-the-shelf product strong enough to survive monsoons, light enough to be shipped to the customer, and simple enough to be installed without hammers or screwdrivers. Way less time and labor. Flat-packed for quick delivery. Installed in a flash.

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