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Business profile – Supplier Nov Sensren

Walking down a quiet and tidy street in the Chikor village there is a remarkable banner which reads, “Special latrine affordable for your family.” It is hung between a mango tree and a wooden pole in front of a house where its front yard is filled with concrete rings, spirit houses and benches for sale. This is Nov Sensren’s workshop. The banner also points out three important elements of the latrine kit that Sensren is selling: 1) low-cost 2) home delivery 3) easy to install.

Sensren is a producer of various concrete products such as concrete rings, spirit houses and benches. He has operated this business for 3 years. Several months ago, he was introduced to a new product, the low-cost latrine kit promoted by WaterSHED. Along with the new product, Sensren was also introduced to Sanitation Marketing. After careful consideration and discussion with WaterSHED field staff, Sensren decided to invest in the new products.

At first, Sensren could sell only 15 to 20 latrine kits a month. But once he became more familiar with the promotion of the product, he said he could boost his sales to 150 kits a month. He has 15 ring molds and 4 chamber molds that can be used to produce on average 30 concrete rings and 8 chamber boxes a day to meet his demand. The introduction of low-cost latrines and sanitation marketing approach has reshaped the way his business is conducted. Moreover, the key to success Sensren said is to constantly participate in sale events that are organized and facilitated by his sales agents and WaterSHED field staff. “As a supplier I always participate in sale events, I also bring a few samples of the latrine kits to convince the villagers,” said Sensren.

Sanitation marketing has enabled Sensren to be a proactive supplier, reaching out to his potential customers first and promoting his products unlike other suppliers who let their products sit at their home and wait for the customers in need to come and find them.

Sensren proves himself to be a quick learner. He can independently promote his products by himself without the help from sale agents or WaterSHED field staff. “When I deliver the products to a villager’s home, during installation, other villagers will come and see what is going on. I always bring the latrine banner and take this opportunity to promote my products to other villagers who have not seen any latrines yet,” said Sensren.

Sensren currently operates two workshops led by his three sons. Sensren said he handed over the total operation and production of latrine kits to his three sons while he is responsible for going out and promoting the products to villagers door-to-door and at sales events.

Sensren said that he is happy with sanitation marketing approach since he can sell more kits at their low price. He jokingly added that right now his other products are not sold out except the low-cost latrine kits.