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Cambodia sanitation consumer demand behavior qualitative study: Highlights of key findings

Download the Synthesis Report (pdf)


An in-depth qualitative analysis was undertaken across three provinces in rural Cambodia to investigate what consumers living in mostly rural areas believe, feel, value and think about both their current defecation practice and about investing in and using household latrines, including about different existing latrine designs, features, and types of technology. Interviews were conducted with both latrine adopters and non-adopters in order to build an understanding of benefits and motivations driving uptake and constraints and facilitators affecting decisions to install household latrines, ascertaining what different consumers liked and disliked about different home toilet latrine designs and why, as well as investigating how best to communicate to this target population the benefits of home sanitation and the choices available to them. These households, as consumers and daily users of sanitation facilities, are at the center of developing a sanitation marketing program which aims to promote increased latrine uptake and usage in this target population by developing desirable latrine designs and targeting promotional material and messages, as well as providing appropriate technologies and support systems in order to facilitate adoption and maintenance of sanitation behavior change.