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Sanitation marketing for managers: Guidance and tools for program development

Download the Manual (pdf)


This guidance manual draws significantly on previous work by Dr. Mimi Jenkins (WaterSHED – The University of California-Davis) and many of the activities and tools described in this guide were initially developed by Dr. Jenkins in collaboration with local partners and tested in two sites in sub-Saharan Africa under the DFID-funded Knowledge and Research Project.

This manual provides guidance and tools for designing a sanitation marketing program. It guides professionals in the fields of sanitation and marketing to complete two important and necessary steps: (1) to comprehensively assess the current market for sanitation products and services and (2) to use the results of this assessment to design a multi-pronged strategy to:

  • Build the capacity of appropriate market actors to provide necessary sanitation market functions;
  • Create and strengthen the incentives for these actors to participate in the market and to collaborate with one another;
  • Permit actors to proactively take on functions from which they will benefit, e.g., financially, politically;
  • Develop appropriate products and services that respond to consumer preferences; and
  • Create appropriate marketing messages and plans for promotion and communication to market the products and services to consumers.