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Baseline Survey Report: Women of the WEwork Collective

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Authors: Janita Bartell

WaterSHED has developed a training and mentorship network of women, called “the WEwork Collective”, in which dynamic skills training is combined with peer mentorship. Since it is a proof-of-concept, it is key to understand the changes in participants over time. Surveys of the participating women are being conducted at baseline, mid-line, and end-line and focus on general socio-economic circumstances, economic activities, household decision-making, self-efficacy, cognitive capacity, and their professional networks.

The baseline data collection was conducted during the recruitment drive for the program in early 2016 by a team of experienced female enumerators. In total, 300 interviews were conducted between February 03, 2016 and April 07, 2016.

This report summarizes the information collected through these surveys and aims to draw a picture of the women who were interested and/or have joined a training and peer-mentorship network. All data reported in this document are frequencies and correlations. No causal attribution is made. To understand causal links between variables, the direction of the causation needs to be carefully theorized.

Please download the pdf report for the detailed report.